EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90025:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans. Free 30 min.w/2 hrs booked 4 new students. Proud sponsor of Gofundme.com program 4 Disabled tutoring fundraiser w. 10% of net profit donations. Dedicated section 4 special needs: "My ADD academy". Internships 4 Marketing & Business
EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90025:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans. Free 30 min.w/2 hrs booked 4 new students. Proud sponsor of Gofundme.com program 4 Disabled tutoring fundraiser w. 10% of net profit donations. Dedicated section 4 special needs: "My ADD academy". Internships 4 Marketing & Business

SAT,ACT,PSAT Prep Test designed w/expertise

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We make every effort in always providing our customers with the best value and quality services.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

Our solid experience in the field and the long list of SAT & ACT test prep student accomplishments, recommend us as a reliable instructing partner. By choosing our team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and high availability throughout your tutoring sessions. Feel confident that together we will accelerate your learning process towards the right direction.

SAT Flex Class


ACT Flex Class





    GRE & GMAT



8 wks/$35-55 8 wks/$35-55 8 wks/$35-45



10 wks/$45-65


6 wks/$35-55 6 wks/$35-55 6 wks/$35-45 8 wks/$45-65

To be accepted at a higher rank university generates lots of multiple requirements. The competition is fearless and EnlightenMe Tutoring understands the admission exam crucial challenge and can help students not only with the admission's application process but also with its SAT and ACT knowledgeable instructors to train one on one high school teenagers to prepare to score higher. They can help students to strategize, to fight test anxiety, to expand their memorization techniques, to increase their brain processing speed so they can feel more confident and psychologically fit before the test so they can score higher. 



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