EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90041:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans. Free 1hr w. 2 hrs reservation 4 new students.Dedicated section 4 special needs:"My ADD academy". We provide Internships 4 Marketing, Business,Graphic, Web Design,Teaching
EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90041:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans. Free 1hr w. 2 hrs reservation 4 new students.Dedicated section 4 special needs:"My ADD academy". We provide Internships 4 Marketing, Business,Graphic, Web Design,Teaching

Free counseling and nutritional assistance for all students including those with disabilities:

at the student or parent request we initiate a dialog of life coaching to reassess the student academic goals and determine how they project on the current student potential of interactions with the personal disadvantages. We extrapolate the data and design a new plan of actions to help the student to cope with various challenges. The plan will generate improvements in the academic performance and will encourage the student to continue developing his academic goals.  

Outside the Classroom

A school has more to offer besides lessons, and ours is no different. With our additional offerings, we help prepare students for the future in the best way possible.

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