EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90025:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans. Free 30 min.w/2 hrs booked 4 new students. Proud sponsor of Gofundme.com program 4 Disabled tutoring fundraiser w. 10% of net profit donations. Dedicated section 4 special needs: "My ADD academy". Internships 4 Marketing & Business
EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90025:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans. Free 30 min.w/2 hrs booked 4 new students. Proud sponsor of Gofundme.com program 4 Disabled tutoring fundraiser w. 10% of net profit donations. Dedicated section 4 special needs: "My ADD academy". Internships 4 Marketing & Business

Students Testimonials

Quote from student:       Beth, Los Angeles, CA

 In the beginning
of the Fall semester I
wanted to start English classes at the
PCC when I decided to go back to school after ten years of work since I graduated high school.Fred saved me the equivalent of 1 year English classes in total of $12,000 of living expenses and this made an awesome difference.


Quote from customer:  Maria, La Crescenta, CA

My daughter Frances is in the 10th grade and she had difficulty on Algebra II.Her grades were D. She was struggling w/her homework.

 In a period of 2months,James helped Frances to overcome her fears, focus her attention to study smarter.Her grades went up to a B-.We recommended James to our friends as a Math tutor.  



Quote from customer: Lysette, Los Angeles, CA

My son Daryl who was in the 6th grade, got an F grade at Chemistry.Fred introduced himself to Daryl and started to teach him 2 hours twice a week.They became friends talking about soccer players.He got better grades from C to A- for quizzes and a B for the Final.Fred has an outstanding
professionalism and patience w/ children.



Quote from customer: Debra, Beverly Hills, CA

My boy needed help with Math and English.EnlightenMe Tutoring sent James to help my son's struggle w/fractions and decimals.James improved Brian's study skills & raised his Math grades: from a D to a B+. He helped my son to get a B+ in the final.My son gained more self esteem and his self confidence as a result grew higher. 


We firmly believe that only by teaching on an Integrative tutoring level we can train every student to learn smarter, become self confident, obtain higher grades and finally achieve his or her academic goals. The Integrative tutoring method is based on intuitive study skills methods which can help the students to overcome their academic obstacles and help them adopt a wiser lifestyle in all the aspects of their aspirations.

We were pleasantly surprised with the developed product and the dedicated customer care staff.

Martha Dean


College Subjects



Middle & High School Subjects
Algebra I, II






Algebra Elementary,

Algebra Intermediate,




Calculus A,B





Drawing in

pencil, charcoal

Creative Writing Hebrew  

English Essays and

Research Papers

Computers Skills:


and Mac

MS Office





Painting with:

Tempera Gouaches

Acrylics, Watercolor,Crayons


Math Olympiad for Exceptional Students

Graphic Design Pre Algebra   Pre Algebra
Painting Science   Pre Calculus

Test Prep




Math & English Assessment


Test Prep:




Test Prep: ACT,ASVAB,


Research Papers,Essays     Statistics





SAVE YOUR TIME AND SIMPLIFY YOUR SEARCH! Herein you can reserve your tutoring session by prepaying with PayPal and using any credit or debit card.Once you make the reservation and specify the time preference we will be notified and we will contact you to confirm your reservation.


Math & English Assessment Placement Test Prep.

Most people fail to prepare for this test, and have to start all the way back at the beginning of the Math. Which category will you be in ???

We know exactly what you need to know to succeed !!!

Our philosophy: Teach the least amount of material to yield the highest possible score. We are incredibly caring and patient...very very patient.

We are most experienced tutors, with 11 years of experience, and a phenomenal success rate!!!


Please call or text to us for any questions or concerns at : 213-361-0460. We will be more than happy to talk with you and to reply with important information regarding our tutoring methods,availability,location and competitive pricing.


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