EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90041:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans. Free 1hr w. 2 hrs reservation 4 new students.Dedicated section 4 students w. disabilities: "My ADD academy".We provide Internships 4 Marketing, Business,Graphic and Web Design, andTeaching
EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90041:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans.Free 1hr w. 2 hrs reservation 4 new students.Dedicated section 4 students w. disabilities: "My ADD academy".We provide Internships 4 Marketing, Business,Graphic and Web Design,andTeaching

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"Quote from customer" Customer Name : Maria from

La Crescenta, CA


My daughter Frances is in the 10th grade and she had

difficulty with Algebra II. Her grades were D- and she was

struggling to do also her homework. We hired before several other

tutors but the results were the same and she complained that she

had a hard time understanding her teacher lectures, especially the

chapters with higher degree polynomials, exponential and

logarithmic functions, arithmetic and geometric series. Frances

was very discouraged because she couldn't score higher than a D.

I called "Enlightenment Tutoring" and I asked them if it was possible

to find a patient and friendly tutor who could help her with her

Algebra II -homework and train her to succeed to obtain higher

grades. From the first time when Fred met my daughter and

discussed with her the challenges she was facing, we noticed that

Frances became more relaxed and full of hope. In a period of 2

months, Fred helped Frances to overcome her fears and to focus

her attention to study smarter. It took some hard work combined

with accurate modeling and organization of the problems. Frances

acquired more efficient study skills and after becoming more 

comfortable with the functions and their graphs she was able to

obtain gradually higher grades from a C up to a B-. We were very

happy with her achievements after the bi-weekly tutoring sessions

with Fred who made proof of an awesome patience and expertise.

We would gladly recommend Fred to other friends as a Math tutor.  







































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