EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90041:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans. Free 1hr w. 2 hrs reservation 4 new students.Dedicated section 4 students w. disabilities: "My ADD academy".We provide Internships 4 Marketing, Business,Graphic and Web Design, andTeaching
EnlightenMeTutoring CA 90041:Discounted rates 4 monthly plans.Free 1hr w. 2 hrs reservation 4 new students.Dedicated section 4 students w. disabilities: "My ADD academy".We provide Internships 4 Marketing, Business,Graphic and Web Design,andTeaching

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"Quote from customer" Customer Name: Lysete


My son Daryl was in the 6th grade in the middle school.

Daryl waited half a semester to tell me that he had low

grades at Algebra I. At the midterm test he got an "F" and

he was afraid to tell me the truth, until one day when he

decided to open up and explain to me his fears from Math.

His teacher called me to school and complained to me that

he doesn't have too much hope with Daryl, because he

didn't show any improvement. I asked the teacher to give

Daryl a second chance during the other half of the semester

so he can catch up with all the lessons. We made a deal to

have Daryl redo all the homework from the first half of the

semester while working also on his current assignments.

This was a huge task for Daryl and I needed to get him help

for studying harder. I saw a flier with tutoring nearby his

school and I called their number, spoke with their clerk and

asked for a Math tutor who could come to our place twice a

week to help Daryl with the past and current Math homework.

Fred introduced himself to Daryl and started to teach him

two hours at a time, twice a week, giving him many challenges

and reminding him the Math notions he forgot. They became

friends talking about soccer players because Daryl played

soccer in the school team and was very busy with training.

In less than 6 weeks, Daryl learned from Fred how to calculate

word problems with unknown variables and how to solve

ecuations. Daryl worked hard many hours on the past

assignments and in the same time he did his current home-
work together with Fred who helped him to advance. He got

better grades from C to B+ and A- for class quizzes and finally

he pulled out a B for the final grade. His teacher was amazed

by the progress that Daryl did in such a short time. We were

very happy with the results that Daryl obtained after the 6 

week tutoring sessions with Fred and we would gladly

recommend Fred to other friends as a Math tutor, due to his

outstanding professionalism and his patience with children.



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